Haunted Woods of Ladylake

  • 1421 Anderson Lane
  • Ladylake, FL
  • 352-460-5382
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8 years old and above
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Commercial / For Profit
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Haunted Houses, Hay Rides, Spook Walks, Trails, Home Haunts
10 minute hayride to the entrance of the Haunted Woods a 1/4 mile walk through the Haunted Woods where you'll encounter things that will scare the "YELL" out of you, off Rolling Acres Road in Ladylake, FL (listed as a Real haunt) Email Haunt Owner
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Hours of Operation: 8pm - 11:30pm ...Friday & Saturday Nights

Admission Costs: $15.00/person

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Event last updated 13 days ago. Please confirm dates on haunt website before you go.
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  • It was good

    The people were amazing. Even though the lil kids got the most scare out of it all it was a scary but nice place.I thought it was cool.

    Posted 10/26/13
  • I've seen better

    I've visited a variety of haunted trails and this one had a few perks but was mostly lackluster. The ride to the trail had a few scenes set up but the best part was the headless horseman that you saw more of while waiting. The number of people they took on the trail was too large. Actors scared people ahead lessening the surprise for the second half of the group and the trail was too short to really accommodate that many people. I had fun with my friends but the trail itself was mostly disappointing.

    Posted 10/26/13
  • Great Presentation!!! Try not to Scream too much

    My wife and I went about 8:00 PM. The hay ride set you up for the thrills to come. I think the wagon holds about 15 people per trip. My wife was frightened and when the actors noticed this they took advantage. When you go make sure you go with someone who is vocal when they are frightened and you will have as much fun as we did.

    Posted 10/25/13
  • Worth the drive!

    Loved the event. Back roads to get there set the stage. Enjoyed it very much, very creative!

    Posted 10/21/13
  • Perfect fright night

    It was a great date night with the hubby. The people did an excellent job. I would definitely recommend it.

    Posted 10/15/13
  • Scaaaary haunt through the woods...

    We arrived last Friday night around 10 after a long drive to the middle of nowhere. The road leading to the woods is a little scary & sets the stage perfectly. We were the only ones there; which was awesome because we had the whole place to ourselves. One of the best haunts I've been on. I love meeting people who love Halloween as much as I do & this group clearly does. They're dedicated and put in a lot of hard work, it didn't go unnoticed. I will def be back! Highly recommended.

    Posted 10/7/13
  • Good time without the kids . . .

    Well done. Our all adult family had a blast -- lots of good scares. The woods and the story behind them are the perfect backdrop for a truly great Halloween experience. The owners have done it up right, and all for a good cause (and they are the nicest people you would ever hope to meet). We will be back!!!!!

    Posted 11/2/12
  • Great for Price

    Took 2 teens w me we live right next it.. the drive was down a creepy dirt road It was a little too light w/the 3/4 moon but still worth seeing

    Posted 10/27/12
  • Had a Great time, last Saturday night

    Even better than last year. Well worth the get the YELL scared outta ya!

    Posted 10/23/12

    We drove an hour away to go to this Haunted Woods/Hayride on October 13, 2012. It was a lot of fun and scary, considering that these woods are on the resgistry as a real Haunted area, by a ghost named Julia. Before the hayride...they will tell you the story behind this area and about Julia's demise. 1 out of 10 (10 being the best) we would give it an 8+. Need to have more actors, but was a blast! Worth the drive and $10.00. If they came up with a few more really scary would be a 10 easily!

    Posted 10/14/12


    Posted 10/14/12
  • this was awesome! totally scared! suppose to get better as it nears halloween and defintely going back!

    Posted 10/10/12
  • WOW! Never know what to expect!

    I've been to this haunt since it began in 2010. Every Year they add something new or change something around... Last year I went 3 times and it was better each time. Its like the closer it gets to Halloween, the more excited the actors become. The scariness is really good. Most who say they won't be scared are wrong and scream like crazy. The special effects they've added are beginning to rival the "big" theme park scares. Every one should go before they figue out its worth so much more $$$ entry fee. I can't believe its only $10. Definitely not for small children, if you like a good scare, this one is for you.

    Posted 9/30/12
  • Better and Better...

    Wow! This event keeps getting better and better. Each week they add something new, I especially liked the bungee, tree arm, and all the rest. They suggest a $10 donation, but its worth much more. They have obviously put alot of time and energy into this venue and like their ad says, "They'll scare the YELL out of you!" ,. The promoters have created the "scary" atmosphere for a good fright. I liked it so much I have been back 3 times. IN the beginning there weren't enough actors, but now they have over 17, and They are very scary. Some of the "scares" are pretty intense, so I wouldn't recommend it for young children but adolescent teens and adults will have a great time. I rate this event as VERY SCARY! Go and enjoy!

    Posted 10/23/11
  • Been to alot but this was the best yet!

    First of all this family has decided to do something fun to help our local kids with the land that they have. It had to have taken ALOT of work to decorate yet alone find as many kind souls to volunteer their time to give a good scare and trust me when I say they will get you just when you think the coast is clear. They have obviously put alot of work into this and that's just not what you see everyday, they are willing step up and actually help the community in a possitive light! Very refreshing to know there are still people that want to stand up for those who can't nessessarily make it. It was exciting. spooky (for sure) , not knowing whats was just good family fun, but any young kids might cry but I would recommend going!

    Posted 10/23/11
  • Worth the money

    they have decorated a 1/4 mile of woods with floating people strobe lights and fog if the actors dont scare you the woods will. and who could pass up a hay ride!!

    Posted 10/16/11
  • Biggest Ripoff Ever!!!

    We drove over an hour to get there and the scariest part was the back roads you take to get there. It was a waste of time and money. They should have invested more people to scare you. Too many strobe lights on the walk; you couldn't even look up without being blinded by the lights.

    Posted 10/2/11
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